Whom Shall We Send?

They all sat at the round table in a dimly lit room.  The only wash of light was a dying yellow light bulb that dangled loosely at the end of a single wire, dropping from the ceiling.  It cast just enough light for each man to see his hand and the booze in front of him.  Booze was needed tonight, for there were lots of sorrows to drown. The deposed king cleared his throat, as he prepared to speak.  He took some []

The Highlights Analysis: Federer vs Dimitrov (Brisbane 2016)

This match up has always been a juicy one since Dimitrov burst unto the scene with all of 17 years under his life-belt.  He quickly evoked strong comparisons to the great Swiss, with his free flowing tennis and his even freer flowing one handed backhand. However, the young Bulgarian also showed gaping differences between their games and over the years, many have agreed he still has a bit of improvement to make, in order to catch up with Federer.  This notion has []

The Highlights Analysis: Federer vs Kamke (Brisbane 2016)

This one was as one sided as they get.  That’s generally the norm with Federer matches at this stage of any tournament.  Tobias never really had a chance from the word go.  Let’s see what made this match such an express for the Fed.  The match highlights are here. 1.) The Serve: Nobody builds their game around the serve and yet draws your attention away from its importance, the way Federer does.  He has without question one of the most overlooked, underrated []

The Highlights Analysis: Dimitrov vs Troicki (Brisbane 2016)

Going through the highlights of this match was a drag for me.  There was one… exactly ONE interesting point and that’s the one where Troicki hits a tweener.  As exciting as that point was, it was a microcosm of this match in general.  Here’s a breakdown of some of the key elements that defined the Victor (no pun intended) and the vanquished.  If you wanna checkout the highlights, you can do so by clicking here. 1.) Errors:  Yes, both these guys threw []

The Highlights Analysis: Djokovic vs Verdasco (Qatar 2016)

Is it possible to predict a tennis player’s seasonal form, by analyzing a few of the first matches and tournaments they play?  Maybe not so, but it might not be a stretch to predict their form for a few tournaments down the stretch.  That being said, here are a few observations I made in this match for both Novak Djokovic and Fernando Verdasco.  It also serves as the reason why one player won and the other lost.  The highlights can be found []