Five Thoughts From This Year’s Davis Cup Encounters

If only they played like that at the slams Granted, the U.S Davis Cup opponents happened to be Brazil, but the latter nation is not without talent in the sport and they proved so, erasing a 0 – 2 deficit before succumbing 3 – 2 in the fifth rubber.  One wonders what it is about the Davis Cup atmosphere that makes the U.S men rise to the occasion.  Maybe it’s because this is a country that gravitates towards team sports more so []

Beware The Lance Armstrong Moment

Everything under the sun is eventually revealed. Okay maybe not everything, but eventually most things are.  This one frankly came as no surprise.  I am not an avid follower of cycling, and as such there are only two names I know.  Alberto Contador, and Lance Armstrong.  Both are successful cyclists.  Both have reached the apex of the sport… and both have doped to do it.  One of the stand out moments of Lance Armstrong’s interview with Oprah Winfrey for me, was when []

The Bull Who Fought Against The god of Perfection

Roddick had the thunderous serve and blistering forehand. Well, at least he had it in the early days. Hewitt had the speed, court brilliance and defensive skills. Safin had everything but a certain mental screw… yet the sheer lethality and power of his game was stagnating. At this time, in the prime of the Fed era, Roger Federer had it all. He was synonymous with the game and it appeared nobody could stop him, including the previously mentioned players. They had everything []