Around the tennis world in October

It’s the tail end of the tennis season and there isn’t a lot to talk about until the Paris Bercy Masters title and the World Tour Finals.  Or is there?  Here at Tennisense, we attempt to make a slow October feel a little faster with a quick peek at what’s been going on in tennis.

The Bromance Continues


After handing Nadal his fifth straight defeat at his hands, Federer took to Skype (or was it Instagram?) to congratulate his rival and friendly bro, for his tennis academy reaching the one-year milestone.  Oh and Nadal?  He responded, telling Federer he was invited at any time… unless of course, Federer beat him again.  We find it inspiring how these two can separate the potentially polarizing nature of competition and forge what is perhaps one of the most famous friendships in sport.

The joys of motherhood


Serena Williams has been so starstruck by her beautiful daughter, Olympia and she hasn’t been shy about expressing that wonderful motherhood feeling.  She’s been making our hearts burst into flowers by posting cute pictures of herself and her baby.  It is quite a sight to see this fierce competitor and champion, this strong lady, show such a soft nurturing side.  One of the interesting discussions zinging around is how Serena will be, when she returns to the tour.  Will she still have the razor-sharp competitive fire that has brought her 23 grand slam titles?  Only time will tell.  For now, she’s still reveling in her biggest victory and we are still celebrating it with her.

The fight for number one rages on

The year-end number one ranking is up for grabs on the ATP tour as well as the WTA tour.  It looks like the players who will take the pole spot into next season will be decided at the tour finals competitions.  The WTA’s version of the World Tour Finals is already underway in Singapore and Venus Williams just her hopes of returning to the number one position in the world alive, with a gripping victory over Jelena Ostapenko.

Roger Federer is currently playing in Basel and has a chance to cut Nadal’s nearly 2000 point lead by 500 points, should he win the tournament.  If that happens, Paris Bercy becomes a very interesting tournament indeed.

Image Redemption


Say what you will about Maria Sharapova, but the Russian star is doing her best to restore the multi-million dollar image that Meldonium so ruthlessly tarnished.  After winning her first tournament since her comeback, Maria Sharapova has been doing what she can to help Puerto Rico, alongside Monica Puig.

For someone who was famous for being quite distant from the other WTA tour girls in her pre-Meldonium years, this is as friendly as Sharapova gets.  Honest endeavor or not, this can’t hurt her image.  It will only help it as she slowly rebuilds her career.  One can’t fault her for trying.



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