Our Disappointments: ATP


In this blog post, we turn our attention to the guys who didn’t do so well at this year’s U.S Open, especially after coming in with high expectations.

Roger Federer

Grade: C

Making the quarterfinals of a grand slam might be a decent showing for a lot of tour guys, but when you are a Roger Federer, it has to be a bit of a disappointment.  This is especially true when you consider the season he’s had.  In all fairness, Federer came into the tournament a bit uncertain about a back injury he’d picked up in Montreal.  In hindsight, he lost the U.S Open before a single shot was hit.  The worries from that injury contributed to a very slow start from Federer and he never really got it going thereafter.  Facing his first serious test at the Open, Federer fell in four sets to Juan Martin Del Potro.  Even more stinging, he failed to reach the semifinals where Rafael Nadal was waiting.  It was an anticlimactic end to a phenomenal grand slam season.  He should regroup for the final stretch of the season, back willing.

Alexander Zverev

Grade: F

Zverev is falling into a familiar but worrying pattern.  He plays well enough in the build-up tournaments to get the tennis community excited about his prospects during a slam, and then crashes out of the tournament before some fans arrive at the venue.  It has to be disappointing for him as well and he looked it after his defeat at the hands of Borna Coric.  That’s a good thing.  I expect him to use that fire for the rest of the season, and next season.  He’s still very young, but time waits for no man.  Zverev should take advantage of the position he’s worked himself into before someone else takes it away from him.

Grigor Dimitrov

Grade: F

I thought Grigor had come of age.  I thought he’d learned to master his incredible talent and summon the winner’s mentality, at will.  Turns out I was wrong.  We can come up with all the excuses in the world for Grigor Dimitrov.  Was it a bad tournament for many stars?  Yes.  Did he come up short against an inspired opponent on the day?  Yes.  However, at 26, the clock is ticking for Dimitrov.  Secondly, at 26, you would expect him to have enough experience to figure out a way to win even when he is not swinging freely and playing his best.  He was coming into the tournament on the heels of capturing his first Masters title in Cincinnati.  With a very depleted U.S Open field, this was an opportunity missed and he should know it.  Whatever the future holds, is entirely up to him.

Nick Kyrgios

Grade: F

Kyrgios is currently playing Davis Cup for his country and has gushed about how much he loves giving his all for the guys.  I wonder if he’d give his all should he pick up an unexpected shoulder niggle in the middle of a match.  He should practice a little self-love for a change in his next individual tournament and give his all for himself.  Playing through injuries is part of the sport.  Sounds harsh, but that’s the truth and the sooner he realizes the value of full commitment, the better for him and for tennis.  Until then, we’ll keep having moments like his match against John Millman.

Andy Murray

Grade: F-

Oh Andy, Andy.  You caused perhaps the biggest upset before the tournament was over.  Waiting until the literal last minute to pull out of the tournament, left the tournament with no choice but to leave Federer and Nadal in the same half of the draw.  Federer may have avoided Del Potro and we maybe could have seen Federer and Nadal contest for the U.S Open final.  Was Murray within the rules?  Apparently so.  But I find it difficult to believe he didn’t know he wasn’t going to be ready in time.  It was a spoil sport moment and he gets an F- for being the catalyst in a sequence of events that denied good men and women the showdown of the U.S Open history.

Do you agree with our disappointment list?  Let us know in the comments section below!  We’ll cover the women later.


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