The Open Previews: Agnieszka Radwanska

For the Open previews, Tennisense will be skipping ATP/WTA players who have pulled out of the Open, even if they are currently ranked in the Top 10.

Current Rank: #10

Should we be talking about Aga Radwanska in terms of winning a grand slam?  At 28, it appears her window has come and gone.  However, this is Sport, and you never know.  Just ask Flavia Pennetta.

Yet, Radwanska is no Pennetta.  With a lithe frame and a game built on guile, cunning and craftiness, Radwanska has done surprisingly well for herself on a tour dominated by bigger girls.  She’s also come close to winning a slam, playing a fantastic match against Serena Williams in the 2012 finals of Wimbledon, before losing in three sets.  That match is a microcosm of Agnieszka’s career.  She is an incredibly talented player who has been severely hampered by the lack of a go-to-weapon.

The Polish Assassin has seen power player after power player get on a hot streak – often leaving her in the wake of their blistering trails – and bulldoze their way to Grand Slam titles.  However, she can take some lessons from Angelique Kerber, another defensive player who managed to surmount the dominance of power and grab two grand slam titles and counting.

Radwanska hasn’t had a very strong year.  She hasn’t won any titles and is currently sporting an abysmal 16/13 win/loss record.  If she pulls her game together, I fancy her to make a decent run at the last grand slam of the year.  However, if she wants to win at least one big one before her career is up, she needs to find a weapon or hope that when she does get to the final, her opponent is someone her own size.


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