Day One Musings on Interesting Results (Men)

Hey guys!  The French Open is underway and already we’ve got some catchy talking points from the first day – yesterday.  I’m gonna skip a few of the big headlines and talk about the results that piqued my interest, and my take on them.  Alright let’s begin.

Remember Benjamin Becker?  The second coming of Boris?  He who sent the great Andre Agassi into retirement in Andre’s house?  He hasn’t done much since that emotional day in 2006 has he?  Ten years on – has it been that long? – and Becker has spent his time as a comfortable journey man.  This result didn’t come as a surprise, it was just interesting and slightly nostalgic seeing his name.

Nick Kyrgios (17)  7 7 6
Marco Cecchinato (ll)  6 6 4

The verdict is out on Kyrgios for me.  I have pronounced other young up and comers as ready for the big time, only to have them slip back into obscurity… ahem Dimitrov.  What I will say is that for the time being Kyrgios is on the right track to making the news for more of the right reasons, than the wrong ones.  He’s gotten a bit more consistent and is winning a bit more of the matches he’s supposed to win.  Round one down at the French.  Let’s take it one step at a time Nick.  Let’s see how round two goes.

Donald Young  6 2 3

Remember Donald Young from last year’s U.S open?  Another culprit of teasing tennis fans with his guile and talent, Donald Young appeared ready to make a statement after last year’s U.S open.  He defended, counter-punched and outmaneuvered his way into the fourth round, falling to this French Open’s defending champion, Wawrinka.  No shame in that.  Since then?  DY has waltzed back into the land of obscurity.  He’ll stay there too unless his results improve… again.


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